Reviewers team

It took us a lot of time and efforts to form a very experienced and professional team of experts who make all the overviews and write articles in our web-site. These people have been working in the sphere of medicine and related areas for many years, so you can really trust their opinion and apply their recommendations in practice. So to say, they cannot make a choice for you, but they can limit the number of options to choose from.

Here are the names of our team members at your service:

Miles Schumann, former doctor of neurology, Ph.D, 15 years of practical experience.
Wilbert Bradley – IT specialist, helping to make overviews but also responsible for this site maintenance and development.
John Geissler marketing expert and Lei Wu pharmacist.

Miles Schumann userpic
Miles Schumann

Miles Schumann is a Ph.D. neurologist with a long experience of working in a real clinic setting, having a long list of successful surgeries accomplished and a lot of international certificates and awards. He is the main founder and inspirer of the project, the idea of this site came around 8 years ago, for everybody was asking him about his professional opinion of a decent drug-store where one can buy high-quality medicines and other staff like that.

Wilbert Bradley userpic
Wilbert Bradley

Wilbert Bradley is an IT guy and he really knows what to look at when it comes to a web resource functionality or interface. He is a graduate of one of the leading international universities in this sphere and as such enjoys a proper reputation based on his profound skills and knowledge. The kea areas of his evaluations are the quality of the design, location of web-sites and their technical platform.

John Geissler userpic
John Geissler

John Geissler is a certified marketing specialist, and under his sphere of expertise falls everything connected to marketing sales, product promotion, all kinds of B2C relations and communication. Before joining our team he was a head of a marketing department in company selling medical equipment, so his previous experience can be considered as a perfect basis for his current occupation. Another amazing fact about John is that he has a perfect command of 3 international languages – English, German and French, which is how we save money on translations when making reviews of foreign sites and platforms.

Lei Wu userpic
Lei Wu

And last but surely not the least is Lei Wu, a pharmaceutical professional, she is the person who knows everything about drugs and medicines. She started as a product manager in a big pharmaceutical company, worked there for 5 years, and then one day responded to our add on a job site. Since then she became our key expert, not a single review can be done without her professional consultation. Last year Lei has passed a qualification upgrade training, which significantly increased her level of expertise. So, we can state quite definitely that she knows everything or almost everything a medicines that currently exist including their most popular generics and in general takes iboutt like a duck to water.
To make the final judgment as fair and precise as possible we take the ratings produced by each of the four team members and then calculate the average, which we present as the final assessment result.